Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stop Praying For This Dying Lady Please!

If this irritates you very bad, then so be it but be very honest and ask yourself these Vital questions... If you are starving, almost dying from hunger and you see someone eating and begged for food because it's obvious you will die if  you don't eat and he replies "God in his abundant mercy will provide Food for you"  Or the doctors gave you two more months to live or find money to cure you, again you appeal to people for money to save your life and they answer  "Receive your


NIGERIANS!!! Strong! Bold! Smart! Opinionated! Religious! Talented! Intelligent! Until...  Well wait a second we will complete that later but first, the recent Arms-Deal / Money-Smuggling saga "Supposedly" involving the private plane of Mega Pastor Oritsejafor,  current president of CAN. Mallam El Rufai wrote a very interesting piece asking some honest thought provoking questions and Nigerians are responding to this letter in a very unusual way. Normally when there is

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Simone Battle, found dead in California home


Girl group singer Simone Battle was found dead in her West Hollywood home, authorities said Saturday.Battle, 25, gained notoriety through performances on the television show "X Factor." Her five-member band — G.R.L., originally a reboot of the Pussycat Dolls — had been signed by mega-hit maker Dr. Luke. Battle was found

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Sometimes you wonder if the non stop madness ravaging Christendom is just the fault of  SOME people wearing titles called "Pastors or Men of God" or actually the fault of the millions endorsing and encouraging them to be perpetrating all sorts of abnormalities . Or how on earth could any sane person allow another person walk on him or her saying they are serving God? We are talking about

BOKO HARAM: Alimodu Sheriff vs Stephen Davis (The Australian) Who do you Believe?

The former Borno state governor Alimodu Sheriff broke down in tears during a press conference in Abuja yesterday as he tried to dissociate himself from Boko Haram. He has been accused by Australian negotiator Stephen Davis of being a major sponsor of the sect. He vehemently denied this at the press conference. According to Alimodu Sheriff..
“I was the first victim of Boko Haram in Borno State. In their first attack, they killed my

Italian Couple Perform Igbo Traditional Marriage Rites

While many Nigerians would give an arm to have their wedding in Dubai, London, Paris or any other beautiful city in the world, an Italian couple, Kevin Prattico and Carmola Guardsch, chose the rustic community of Umuduruzo in Amaigbo, Nwangele council area of Imo State to consummate their marital union.On August 17, Kevin Prattico and his wife Carmola Guardsch, who work for Azione Verde, a Non-Governmental Organization at Amaigbo, decided to have both their traditional

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The story of Pastor Anita Oyakhilome filing a divorce against her husband Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the latest news rocking Christendom today. This has left millions of Christians distraught and confused, while some has taken sides with either Pastor Anita or Pastor Chris but a vast majority of millions of followers and admirers worldwide are somewhat left with their hearts broken even as many pray and hope that the couple will sort out their differences.  Well as a child growing up in Nigeria I know that couples quarrel and sometimes when it seems like they might break up... their Parents, Elders, Friends and family members  intervenes and before you know it you see those same couples sitting under trees at night having fun and enjoying themselves. So how does it go when such matters involves Mega Pastors with

Prostitutes Laments: Ebola Is Killing Our Business

Since the first case of Ebola in Nigeria was reported in July, sex workers have seen a drastic decline in patronage in the otherwise booming trade. 
I have been in this business for two years but business has never been this slow,” said Kate, a 25 year-old Lagos sex-worker, “I used to have an average of seven customers per day but now I can hardly see


Love him or hate him but one thing you cant take away from the Nation Of Islam's Minister, Louis Farrakhan is his ability to hit you very hard with his words.. they sink Deep and sometimes have you cracking your head. He doesn't hide or mince his words he spills them out without mercy. Here on this Clip, we see him tackle a very sensitive issue..  Watch and let's hear your opinion


Hip hop super star Snoop Dogg who used to call himself Snoop Lion, has changed from that and he is now Todd a White guy (which is actually an alter ego)  But his newest creation is even more out of the ordinary. In his
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