Thursday, September 4, 2014


Sometimes you wonder if the non stop madness ravaging Christendom is just the fault of  SOME people wearing titles called "Pastors or Men of God" or actually the fault of the millions endorsing and encouraging them to be perpetrating all sorts of abnormalities . Or how on earth could any sane person allow another person walk on him or her saying they are serving God? We are talking about
the South African Pastor Lesego Daniel of the Rabboni Centre Ministries, he was the same man that made headlines early this year when he made his church members eat grass , claiming that eating grass will bring them closer to God. People actually ran out of the Church to the field outside and started eating Grass like Animals. The backlash he got from that stunt obviously didn't affect him because he's still treating his members like animals.  Unless people starts thinking and using their brains, worse things than these might happen to them in the future.

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