Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stop Praying For This Dying Lady Please!

If this irritates you very bad, then so be it but be very honest and ask yourself these Vital questions... If you are starving, almost dying from hunger and you see someone eating and begged for food because it's obvious you will die if  you don't eat and he replies "God in his abundant mercy will provide Food for you"  Or the doctors gave you two more months to live or find money to cure you, again you appeal to people for money to save your life and they answer  "Receive your
Healing in Jesus name"  Now be honest, How would you feel about this ?
So the question begging for answer is, when was the last time these people performed a Miracle?  Somebody needs physical help and you are trying to become a Miracle worker! GOD does not solve problems Humans can solve, he does the IMPOSSIBLE and not the possible! We know things are very tough for the average person and it is not their job to be paying hospital bills of sick people, so the best thing to do when there is an appeal to help a sick person and you honestly do not have money to Donate, Just move along, God sees your heart.. but stop saying "Receive your Healing in Jesus name" because if you were in the same situation, you would want the money so the Doctors can treat you and not prayers we all know wont be answered.  "Be your brother-sisters Keepers" That is what GOD commanded because he wont get involved in things we can do ourselves..
This Lady here is called Maureen Orjiaku, she has Kidney problem and urgently needs a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT at the cost of about 10million naira. You don't have to be rich to help people.. Money for Indomie, Recharge Card can help.. so If you have between 100 -  2000 naira please donate to save her life. Do not expect the government or any rich person to do it, just do your own part and pray others follows suit...  See her details below

Name: Maureen Ojiaku
Bank : Fidelity Bank
Account Nr : 6230625007

Facebook: Maureen Ojiaku (Personal FB Page
Facebook Page :SAVE Maureen Chichi Ojiaku

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