Thursday, September 18, 2014


NIGERIANS!!! Strong! Bold! Smart! Opinionated! Religious! Talented! Intelligent! Until...  Well wait a second we will complete that later but first, the recent Arms-Deal / Money-Smuggling saga "Supposedly" involving the private plane of Mega Pastor Oritsejafor,  current president of CAN. Mallam El Rufai wrote a very interesting piece asking some honest thought provoking questions and Nigerians are responding to this letter in a very unusual way. Normally when there is
an Issue involving a "Supposedly" Man of God, regardless of how bad or absurd the issue is, Nigerians normally runs to the rescue with "TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED" but strange enough on this particular issue, Nigerians are being their Bold selves again and concentrating on the issue at hand regardless of the person (Pastor Oritsejafor) involved. We all know that Many Nigerians Fear, Adores, and Worships anyone with  the title "Pastor" so what could be responsible for this new trend? See some of the replies (nairaland) below and let's here your comments

00. Pataki The more I think of this Pastor Bling Bling OLEJAFUCK and his private jet involved in arms dealing and money laundering, I get sick of being a Nigerian.

01:   As a Christian, CAN is and has been a joke of an organisation. Christendom have really been humiliated

02 ikaboy: Ideally, Oritsejafor should step aside and apologize to the numerous christian bodies. He has so much brought politics and commercialization to CAN.

03. yemaldoknockout punch,mr CAN president answer all those question in el rufai's write up

04 kwanKwasiyyaNasir. Was so on point We have been buying weapons from S/A for long why will Intel agents carry 10m$ with them,Only drug mafia's do that. Of all jets available only mr bling's jet was available for molue trip S/A

05 BOARAll peace loving Christians should disassociate themselves from this CAN President and let him know that he is acting on his own and not on behalf of Nigeria Christians.This politics of division is getting to a dangerous and ridiculous level.

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