Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The story of Pastor Anita Oyakhilome filing a divorce against her husband Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the latest news rocking Christendom today. This has left millions of Christians distraught and confused, while some has taken sides with either Pastor Anita or Pastor Chris but a vast majority of millions of followers and admirers worldwide are somewhat left with their hearts broken even as many pray and hope that the couple will sort out their differences.  Well as a child growing up in Nigeria I know that couples quarrel and sometimes when it seems like they might break up... their Parents, Elders, Friends and family members  intervenes and before you know it you see those same couples sitting under trees at night having fun and enjoying themselves. So how does it go when such matters involves Mega Pastors with
millions of followers worldwide? 
If they have not started the process yet, I think this is the time Respected people in Christendom like Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Adefarasin, Bishop Oritsejafor, Bishop Margaret Idahosa etc should all intervene. This is not the time to sit still and mind your own business NOT AT ALL!!!  Because it is not the name of Pastor Chris or Pastor Anita that is at stake, Mbanu!  It is the name of your MASTER, the name of the one you serve, the name of the very one you call GOD, it is the name of JESUS CHRIST that is at stake here. This particular incident will drive away many from the Church of Christ, it will demoralize many, it will make many loose their faith and of cause it will make the Unbelievers have a field day laughing and calling any and everything Christian Fake! 

 I just finished reading an open letter written to Pastor Anita, and in the letter the writer asked a Vital question... Where were the Pastors, Elders and Deacons of the Christ Embassy when things started going wrong between Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his wife? He queried that they cant not say they didn't know all these while, so what did they do to salvage it? Pastor Chris Loved Pastor Anita if not he would not have married her, and trouble did not just start suddenly! It usually starts gradually, so what did the thousands of Church Leaders do? How many of them seeked the face of GOD?  How many of them received a Revelation from GOD?  I did not write this letter to blame Elders and Pastors of Christ Embassy, I am only asking a honest and genuine question while hoping and praying that they will not keep quiet and allow this couple divorce without trying their best to salvage it. To every living Christian out there, whether you are a member of Christ embassy or not, whether you are a Fan of Pastor Chris or Pastor Anita or any living or dead Pastor, hear this very clearly!  You do not Owe your allegiance to anyone of them, you owe your Allegiance to GOD ALMIGHTY!  And for the sake of that same GOD and his name do not spread LIES and RUMORS about ANYBODY because according to the Bible, it is that same LIE that got us humans to where we are today.  

ADMIN:  This letter is written by Lenny A. Khiran

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