Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Memories of Chidinma's Death

It's about six month since Chidinma's death
and memories of her rushes through my mind again as I stare at her pretty face..Death is the ultimate end of us mortals but it robs me the wrong way when young people die especially when the death could have been avoided. Who knows what this young lady might have become? Who knows the lives she would have impacted? Answers to these would forever remain unknown because death snatched her away in her prime. And I sit here wondering, was anything learnt from her death? Or was she just a casualty of bad government? From news gathered she would have been alive today if Nigeria have good hospitals. The news was that she lost so much blood in the accident and so people were texting and asking for people with her blood  type to donate blood and save her life.

This gives me shudders because at the end the girl died.  Another thing to note was the good heart of this young lady, according to sources she was trying to avoid hitting an Okada when she lost control of the car she was driving. If not, she would have hit the Okada,  and might still be alive today while the Okada rider might be dead or alive with injuries. I wonder how her family are coping with her death. I wonder if the government has fixed the road now, I wonder if the hospital now have blood, but above all I wonder how many more youths have to die before the government wakes up to it's responsibilities. One thing is for sure everybody will die someday it is how you will be remembered that will eventually count. I remember Chidinman as a young bright lady that brought smile and laughter to us through her appearance on Koko Masion. Rest in Peace my dear Chidinman

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