Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ladies Exposing Their Privates (More Pics inside!)

Since when has it become fashionable for ladies to step out of their houses without under wears?
We have seen this different times among American celebrities caught by the lens of a paparazzi's camera. But now that some African ladies are involved in this we have to ask this question. It is obviously unhygienic for a lady to step out of her house without her undies, again why are some ladies engage in such act?. The most annoying part are those that are involved in such act and still perform on stage.
Most of us have seen American celebrities caught unaware by a paparazzi's lens while stepping out of their limos and their private parts are exposed to the full glare of the entire world .. but the case here is different as we see an African lady performing with her private parts in full glare.. This is simply gross! For whatever reason people doing this should please put a stop to it.  Panties are made for a reason and even if your excuse is panties makes you feel warm, there are so many different types out there that you should be able to find one that suits you just fine.


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  2. is she here in naija.pls connect

  3. Uuuugglyyyy pussy! LOL

  4. She's just a Pathetic Whore!!!!!!!!

  5. i dont see any big deal about a woman not wearing pants, my gf does it often and it ok by me. pants sometimes causes irritation to a woman"s clitoris and makes the pussy too hot and uncomfortable. the only issue is that such a woman shld be self aware and not sit in a manner tht will expose her under to the public.

  6. Whether she wears panties or not will not decide what I think of her. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The panties notion is for people who still think like our fore fathers.


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