Monday, August 15, 2011

Casting and Binding a Black...

On one of my visits to Naija some time ago, this pastor came to our house, and during the time he spent with us, he told us about some of his exploits,

Together with my mum I listened to his interesting stories. The most interesting part of his stories was when he got to a time he was faced with Juju (Voodoo). He was at this house were there was a big juju shrine…

PASTOR: The juju was inside their room, you should see how big the shrine was. I started praying and binding, and as I was praying nonstop a black PUSZZY just
jumped out of the juju. You should see how big and black this PUSZZY was (At this time I was struggling so hard not to laugh and the pastor kept on going) The PUSZZY just stood there staring at me and I kept on praying and binding till it finally ran away. (Actually I can’t remember if he said disappeared or ran away, because I was almost choking as I tried so hard not to laugh) When I finished praying, my body was filled with sweat, till date I have never seen a PUSZZY SO BIG AND BLACK like that before.

Finally the pastor left and I had time to really laugh hard. My mum on the other didn’t say a word when the pastor was talking, she just kept on a straight face. I knew if I had laughed when the pastor was going on about the BIG BLACK PUSZZY he would have been really surprised and wondered what was so funny about his strange experience with the BLACK PUSZZY. But again maybe I shouldn't laugh at the pastor so much because in all honesty in Nigeria most people still call a Cat, PUSZZY! While here in the “WEST” most call it CAT, because the word PUSZZY is reserved for something else (Wink!). Well to avoid this type of thing ever happening again maybe we should all stick to this, call a Cat by its complete name "Pussycat" and call the other (Wink) something else, after all it has several different names and we can actually spare it from the Cat name… or what do you think?


  1. LWKMD...too funny. I think i would have had to excuse myself from the room because there is no way i wouldn't have laughed or at least made a crazy face.

  2. hmm...na wa o..hungry don dey catch me..hehehehehe

  3. @All, no be small thing o! Even now I could still remember the Pastor's face describing how big and black the "PUSSY" was... y'all need to see his face as he was describing and demonstrating... If my Mum was not there I know I couldn't have held back from bursting out with laughter... More gist dey come una way jare! Haillings to LadyNgo, NIL, 9jaFOODie... @Anonymous na wish kind hunger dey catch u self?.. Definitely no be food dey hungry u so, I sure say that the...

  4. hahaha..you got me there! was ctually imaginig something else. lmao

  5. hahahahahahahaha.... U try! As i woz readin, i imagined d pastor sayin d 'big black pussy' (pussy NOT CAT ds tym buh d real tin) in yoruba. Hmmmmmm... *winks*stor sayin d 'big black pussy' (pussy NOT CAT ds tym buh d real tin) in yoruba. Hmmmmmm... *winks*

  6. The topic "Black Pussy" pulled my attention to this page, because that's my Favorite!!! *Wink*

    1. me too i love "ehem" dats wat made me want to read about it.nice joke

  7. You guys are sick! what could even make anyone think it was 'ehem' the pastor was talking about?


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