Thursday, September 8, 2011

Genevieve Nnaji VS Mercy Johnson

So often we read or hear Mercy Johnson telling or confiding in people that Genevieve is her Idol and at her recent wedding, she was said to have shed some tears of joy when she saw her Idol Genevieve. Truth be told  Genevieve Nnaji is arguably Nigeria's number 1 actress if not Africa's. As we all know she has won numerous awards, profiled on CNN and the number 1 talk show in the world "The Oprah Winfrey Show"  her profile and accolades just keep rising that one is forced to ask is there any other actress that can  dethrone the queen?(Genevieve) Strange enough the answer to this vital question might just be found in one of those that adores her Mercy Johnson! (Forget all the scandals trailing her and concentrate on her acting skills) Make no mistake Genevieve truly deserves her crown as the very best, but there are some films of hers that she is just there. Nothing special, just like the regular Nollywood actress. Some say it has to do with the Director of the particular film, others say it is the script. Another thing you will notice about Genevieve is that she has not taken any real risk (ie.. shave her head completely bald, Kiss convincingly..etc)

 If you watch Genevieve in the movie "BELOVED" and you watch some of her current ones, you will notice a Raw intense talent in her older films... But Mercy Johnson on the other hands seems to be getting better with each movie. Her Talent is so Raw and intense that you cant separate acting from real life. In the movie "Kezaih" with Mr Ibu, there are some scenes of Mercy Johnson that sends chills down your spine, like the scene where she was possessed and she fell on the floor. In Hollywood movie, you might need a stunt double to pull off that particular scene or they will put things to protect her in other not to injure herself. We have seen so many people do this particular type of scene (being possessed and falling) but most don't do it convincingly. We could go on giving different instances where Mercy outshines Genevieve which brings us to this vital question, GENEVIEVE vs MERCY JOHNSON who is the best?   Give your honest opinion and please do not be biased because of Mercy Johnson's scandals because this is not about their personal lives but their acting skills which is why we got to know them in the first place.

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