Friday, May 2, 2014

THE IMPORTED BRIDE! (A True Life Story!)

The sight that greeted John on the street was troublesome and a bit too much for him, Andy was laying on the cold floor with doctors working very hard on him. Shocked, he walked over to them and
asked if he is dead, luckily he is not, they replied!.

Andy is a known figure in town, always there on his wheel chair. Dirty, smelling, un-kept, constantly smoking and begging for a buck or two from passersby. How did it come to this?  John's mind flashed back to Andy before his predicaments.

Andy used to be one of the happening guys in town, he is the attention of girls whenever he hit the clubs, he is hardly in short supply of babes whether whites or blacks.  Then Andy decided he’s had enough of parties and girls, he wanted to get married and settle down. He took a trip back home to Africa and IMPORTED his bride. They lived together happily till she settled down and got her papers, then she left Andy and married another guy.

This was too much for him and since he couldn't take it anymore, he decided to take his own life. One day he went to the Train station and jumped in front of a coming train, but fortunately or unfortunately for him, he did not die but lost both legs. That is how Andy ended up in a wheel chair.

The pathetic part of this is how Andy now live his life! He lives like a junkie, always dirty, smelling, smoking weed and begging passersby for money… of cause he gets his social assistance money from the government but it’s obvious he can’t get past his predicament. The imported bride on the other hand has long moved on with her life and might have even forgotten she ever knew a person by the name of Andy. Well, while there might be nothing wrong in going back to Africa to marry, my question is "What is wrong with marrying where you reside?

At least such a girl knows how life is in the West, as opposed to a girl that might have accepted to marry you because you came from the West. On getting here… the culture shock! The struggles! The Cold! The Boredom! These and so many other factors can have a negative influence on a person that just came to the WEST with high hopes…. I praise and applaud all the imported brides that gave it their very best shot and worked so hard to make sure their marriages worked out at the end despite all the huddles..

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