Friday, May 2, 2014

Sharon Stone Sizzling Hot Bikini Body @ 56

Who can ever forget Sharon Stone after her sizzling hot performance on the movie "Basic Instinct". The minute she spreads her legs open, revealing her Privates to the entire world, history was made! Even when we don't see her too often in movies after that, people still reminisce about the blond beauty. Well to the many fans who can't get enough of her, Sharon Stone is back again at 56, looking more beautiful and hot as ever.  The "Fading Gigolo" actress graces the
cover of the May issue of GQ Italia posing in very revealing, black lace lingerie and black heels. The blond beauty is pictured flirtatiously smiling with smoky eyeliner and tousled hair, showing off her flawless, long legs

And with a body like that it, is hard to believe that Sharon once had trouble landing roles because she wasn't sexy enough. Back in August, the star sat down with Larry King and dished about the early days in her career before she landed the too-hot-to-handle role in "Basic Instinct." "When I started my career, I couldn't get the glamorous parts 'cause people didn't think that I was sexy, and they didn't think I was beautiful enough."
 In a recent interview with Oprah, the star dished about being labeled a sex symbol at her age. "I mean, I’m gonna be 56 years old. If people want to think I’m a sex symbol, it’s, like, yeah. Think it up. You know. I mean, like, good for me," she said. "And good for every other lady of my age to feel themselves as a sex symbol. Because why shouldn’t we feel a sex symbol in our 50s?”

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