Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yawa For Heaven's Gate (Episode 1)

Dafe is traveling through the clouds at a speed faster than sound, but as much as he wants to, he just cannot  stop himself ...reluctantly he decides to endure this strange dream and when he wakes up he will gist his guys. He already knows the reply some of them would give him, especially his girlfriend Ejiro, she will definitely say he drank too much at her birthday party. He doesn't even want to think of his elder brother Akpos, because he will laugh at him saying he didn't experience any of these, just the excess Alomo Bitters, Guinness and Star beer mixed together that he drank at Ejiro's birthday party. Dafe is trying to concentrate on this strange dream of his when he arrives at a place unlike any he has ever seen before, the birds have so many beautiful colors with Golden beaks. As he stares at them, a thought is forming on his mind, if only he can catch some of these strange birds and take back home he will be in money. He looks around him for stones and notice that the very floor he is standing on are sparkling gold, covered with different types of Diamonds and strange gem stones. Dafe cannot not believe his eyes and his mouth drops open, hands on his head as his eyes wonders around him and for the very first time he notice a huge Golden Gate not too far from him and in the middle stood a "'BEIGN" starring at him. Dafe is totally confused now, he robs his eyes again, pinched himself and
slowly walks towards the Being

DAFE: Bros, no vex o! Abeg na where be this place?

BEING: HEAVENS GATE!...and you are welcome!

Dafe's heart skip a beat, he looks at the BEING again and then his surroundings that is sparkling with colors he has never seen before.. Still, he is a little bit irritated at the BEING for taking him for a ride all  he wants is for this strange event to come to an end as soon as possible so he can go back to Ejiro and the rest of his guys.

DAFE: Bros, person no dey die first before him come Heaven?

BEING: You are dead quite alright, and that is why you are here!

On hearing that, Dafe's heart beats even faster. Not knowing whether to believe him or not because he still feels the same, so how can he be dead?  Yet the beauty of this place is something he can not even begin to Imagine... what is really going on with him? Then he decides to reason with the BEING, maybe that might help

DAFE: Bros if you check am out well eh!... you go see say since wey I land here, na heavy respect I dey give you. As a heavy correct Waffi guy, I don suppose Provoke for all this your yarnings since, but I still maintain... so why you wan make me provoke nah? Me wey just dey groove Ejiro party ten minutes ago.. Dey showcase the latest dance step. Abi na because I fall for the party take head hit ground, na im make you say I die?

The BEING didn't respond but keeps on starring at Dafe who is gradually and slowly beginning to come to terms with his present reality

DAFE: Okay maybe we no start this thing well, after all na me come invade your territory. So make you no vex bros!. My name na Dafe Ogenekewe, the younger brother of Akpos and the only boyfriend of Ejiro, original Waffarian to the core. Oya talk your own!

BEING: I am Prince Gabriel!

Dafe looks at him for what seems like ages then without warning be burst out laughing very hard

DAFE: Na since when Angel Gabriel turn to black?  You wey black like me, come dey yarn say you be angel. No be Oyinbo Angel be again?.. Na since when una start to dey black like me?... And by the way how I  take sure say no be LUCY you be self, wey come dey do all this your 419 magic to confuse me?


DAFE: You no see yourself now? I first talk am o! I talk say I no trust you at all. No be you just yarn say you be Angel Gabriel and you no know who LUCIFER be?

As Dafe is speaking, the BEING,s Wings started protruding from behind him and for the first time Dafe notice the huge wings.. his eyes almost bulging out of their sockets as his mouth drops open staring at the BEING a little bit afraid now and visibly shaken...it now dawn on him that he might really be dead. His mind flash back to Ejiro's party. He love her so much, apart from the fact that she is extremely beautiful and very good in Bed, she also compliments him in every way. He was going to marry Ejiro later on and have at least 5 kids together. Such  hot Waffi babe, nobody will believe what she has gone through with him, even when he was arrested by the  police during the fuel subsidy protest, it was the same Ejiro that sold her gold to bail him out....... A sweet smell better than any perfume he has ever perceived brought Dafe back to the present... the smell caress his senses as he looks all around him trying to find out where the sweet smell is coming from... No longer troubled by his present reality Dafe cannot wait for his million and one questions to be answered...so he decides to put on his Waffi Charisma

DAFE: Sempe! For the Bros G!!!! I say Tuale! Who wan try you, abi dem dey Craze?  ... Bros, I hope say you no mind me at all o! because all those yarns wey I dey roll since na joke I dey o! ..So na Heaven the home of Baba God, na im guys just arrive so.... I always dey yarn people anywhere I go say "Warri no dey carry last"... Me, Dafe! Ejiro guy, na im just land Heaven so o!   I say Shun for the bros G!!!!! Dem dey craze?  ....Bros If you see the Happiness wey dey run through my Temprature so eh!..  Ehen by the way na where Bros M?..... I mean Angel Micheal, I beg na where im dey?

ANGEL GABRIEL: Prince Michael is probably with his squadrons giving them lessons

Dafe is almost bursting with excitment on hearing this, Jumping up, raising both hands up and almost bowing down

DAFE: Double Tuale for Bros M!! I too trust am! See eh! Bros M na heavy Waffi guy, we no dey take nonsense at all.. We ready for action anytime.. Abi dem dey Craze? I know say Bros M no go ever fit do this kind Gate man work wey you dey do so, a whole action guy?... I beg later you go carry me go their training ground make meself still show myself small.

ANGEL GABRIEL: You are not supposed to bow, we bow to none here, except OUR FATHER!

Hearing that, Dafe quickly corrects himself

DAFE: I know nah!  Na just small hailingS I been say make I give Bros Michael, I mean Angel Michael as e be say he get heavy action like we Waffarians... Make you no worry about that bros I beg, just wait make we first reach where BABA GOD dey first, you go see my type of stepping and Hailings, the type of step I go give eh!  Azonto !  Etighi! even Yahozee!! I no go stop o! A whole BABA GOD?... Ehen I beg na where BABA dey?


DAFE: Na im I come dey waste time with you since?  I beg Rotate me there with the type of speed when I take land here. I wan see my BABA  just nah! just nah!.....my body dey shake as I dey yarn so..


The Stories Continues Here.......   YAWA FOR HEAVEN'S GATE: EPISODE 2

Also watch out for another Web Series Titled   "LAGOS CAMPUS RELOADED...Rated 18'

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