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Yawa For Heaven's Gate (Episode 2)

If you have not Read Part 1 before, Please read it here first..Yawa For Heaven's Gate (Episode 1) 
                                                                    EPISODE 2
Angel Gabriel stares at Dafe but he did not respond to his request. There is just too much that he doesn't understand about his present situation and now he wants to be taken to the Emerald Throne Room to actually gaze upon the Creator and preserver of the numerous Galaxies and universes.. The one whose face makes all the numerous Suns hides in awe.. the ones whose voice makes the Thunder and Lightening cover in astonishment..the one whose Gaze pierces the dept of your soul ripping it totally empty of every secret.. Even for eternity upon eternities Angel Gabriel and his angelic brothers can never truly know all the billions upon billions of mysteries of their adored father ACIENT OF DAYS who sits Majestically on his Throne in the emerald covered room.  Like when he gave up his beloved EMMANUEL to die for mankind, there was such confusion among the Angelic brothers especially him, because it was him that was sent on an errand to a little Village in Bethlehem to deliver the good news that EMMANUEL would take on human form and unite man with his creator... Yet none of the brothers knew it means he would actually face physical death! His agony and what their Father went through to allow this happen.. At the end, the angelic brothers finally begin to understand that their father's love for mankind is so great that he would do anything to redeem them... So in their minds the brothers pray that mankind in turn would understand the love their Father have for them so that EMMANUEL'S Royal sacrifice wont be in vain....Dafe repeats
his request again

DAFE: Bros G! na which ones you just dey Form as if you no hear wetin I first yarn... Guys need to appear for where Baba GOD dey sharp! sharp! ..So make we dey rotate nah... abi wetin you still dey wait for again?  Time dey go and my body just dey shake!

Angel Gabriel is starring at Dafe but is not saying anything and this seems to be getting at Dafe

DAFE: Bros G!   Abeg make I just yarn you my Church mind, I know like this your pattern at all at all.., Na wish ones you just allow only me dey preach since and you no gree answer?..... Abi you still dey vex say I call you Gate man?.... Look eh! Na Waffi guy I be and na as we see matter na so we dey yarn am...we dey always yarn the truth no matter what.. Na Gate man work I see say you dey do so you suppose dey proud of your work  how you see am?...

Total Silence again from Angel Gabriel and Dafe needs him to speak as that is the only way he can get him to take him to the Throne room, so he tries something esle

DAFE: Ehen!!!  by the way na where the Angel wey suppose to dey guard me, na where him dey self?

ANGEL GABRIEL:  How do you know you have a Guardian Angel?

DAFE: Shuooo!!!!! Bros G! I fear you o! Abi you see say dem write Mugu for my face? I sabi everything o! Even you wey dey form for me here so, I hear say Baba GOD like us pass una wey be Angels...abi no be that one make Luci.. I mean Lucifer come dey Jealous wey he start heavy Kasala for here before?

ANGEL GABRIEL:  Where did you hear that from, and how did you know it is true?

DAFE: Na true!  ...Na our GO yarn am for Church and the man no dey lie at all so na heavy true be that!

ANGEL GABRIEL: So you did not read it in the scriptures?

DAFE: Wetin I dey read again  for nah? Abi you wan talk say a whole GO no know wetin him dey yarn again?

ANGEL GABRIEL: What I am saying is, you are supposed to read the scriptures and always cross check anything you hear especially when it concerns our Father!

This conversation is obviously not going as Dafe intends..this is starting to irritate him and he lash out without warning

DAFE: Na which ones be this "Our Father"! "Our Father"! wey you no want let guys hear word with... Like say na only una get Baba GOD... Look eh! I know say  Baba God like us pass una and I sure say na that Jealousy make you come dey hold me for work here wey you no wan rotate me to where him dey.... And that your brother wey suppose to dey guide me eh! Wait make I see am first, na then him go yarn me wetin him dey do wey he come let me hit my head for ground come die so

Without saying anything Dafe walks away even as Angel Gabriel wonders where is going to

ANGEL GABRIEL: Where are you going?

DAFE: Shuoooo!!! Make una see me see trouble o!  I no go waka go cool my temperature small again?...  Abi no be you dey use power provoke me since?

Dafe walks away from Angel Gabriel, putting some distance between the both of them. The beauty of the whole place is something he can never comprehend in his wildest imaginations... The trees are arranged in orderly fashion and they seem to come alive as he looks at them.. There are many different types of fruits hanging on them and they seem to be glittering as they change from one color to another  .. Across from where he is standing admiring the trees is a very bright sparkling light, Dafe walks towards the light and sees a little stream that seems to be coming out of some big sparkling rocks.. He walks over to the stream and sits close to it admiring the beauty... There are so many glittering precious stones around the stream which seems to be changing it's color from lemon green to deep purple and  many other colors he has never seen or can ever imagine before.. Maybe it's the Big sparkling Rocks that are giving the stream these beautiful colors..

There are multicolored Swans with Golden Beaks playing in the Stream..splashing in and out of the water with more precious stones coming out of the stream and falling on the side.. a couple of big colorful ones fell close to Dafe and he picks them up admiring them.. knowing fully well that back in Nigeria this could make him very very rich... A thought was forming on his mind... what if Angel Gabriel can help him take these back to his beloved Ejiro?.... She would be rich for life and never have to struggle again... but again for him to achieve this, he has to put on an extra Waffi Charisma because things doesn't seem to be flowing well between him and Angel Gabriel. He looks at the precious stones again and decides it is worth the try.. He reminds himself that he is a Waffi guy and must never fail, after all he has made it to Heaven which is not an easy task so all he need do is to work on Angel Gabriel and send as much diamonds are he can to Ejiro... and even Akpos his elder brother. And then try to get some his questions answered ... of cause by then Angel Gabriel would have fallen deep for his Waffarian Charisma and allow him through the Gates and take him to the Throne Room to meet Baba GOD.

As he walks back to the Huge Golden Gate he tries to imagine the types of beauty and wonderment inside those Gates holds if the outside can be this beautiful .. Raising up his head, he perfects his smiles and is about to start praising Angel Gabriel when he saw something that could have stopped his heartbeat if he was still back in Nigeria.. Two huge BEINGS seems to materialized out of nowhere... each one has six great wings, long flowing golden hair, golden boots, jackets made of solid gold with something written on them that he cannot read. Both of them have long double-edged swords and they are totally covered in flames... They seems to be in conversation with Angel Gabriel and in the twinkle of an eye Angel Gabriel disappeared and the Two Flaming Fearsome BEINGS stood in his place as they raise up their gazes, Dafe who seem to be frozen in time took to his heels as he started running with all his might towards the Trees.....  Catching his breathe at the stream, Dafe cannot believe what he saw at the Golden Gates, and the most painful part is how he had allowed himself to be deceived by the one that calls himself Angel Gabriel! With those Flaming BEINGS, it is now very clear that they are all part of Lucifer.. Dafe now understands why they say Lucifer is a deceiver, see how he just deceived a whole Waffarian with ease.. Akpos and the rest wont believe how easy it took them to deceive him..but the most pressing question now is Where is this place? And how does he get out of it, because there is no way he is joining Lucifer... not with all his Diamonds or anything.. At this very point, he needs Akpos and all his guys to device a plan on how to get him out of this place


To Be Continued.....   WATCH OUT FOR EPISODE 3

Also watch out for another Web Series Titled   "LAGOS CAMPUS RELOADED...Rated 18'

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