Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Penalties For Sleeping Nigerian Delegates at the National Confrence

It is no longer news that the much talked about Nigerian National Conference is finally underway against all odds. The Nigerian President Dr Goodluck Jonathan gave a very moving and outstanding opening speech urging the delegates to show courage, strength and statesmanship and come up with a blueprint on how to move the country forward. Each delegate was given a couple of million naira for their up-keeps during the conference. People like Pastor Tunde Bakare rejected the money saying he does not need to be paid to serve his father's land as he considers it a privilege to serve.

However some rather greedy
ones were also demanding that their personal aids be paid too, this was met with a rebuke from the presidency. Nigerians however wonders why people who are already rich would be paid millions of naira to serve their father's land while government finds it difficult to pay 18,000nira a month. The funniest or rather craziest part of this are the photos filtering out of the Notional conference, where you see these same Delegates that are paid millions "Sleeping on Duty" The ordinary Nigerians wants to know what penalties are in place for those delegates that collects money but sleeps during the sessions. If you ask me, I say they should first return back the millions back before anything else?  What say you?  Please make your voice count!

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