Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Italian Minister Maria Elena Boschi Exposed Panties is not Real, but a Fake Photo-Shop!

To be a woman in politics is already a problem as it is mainly dominated by male, but to be a beautiful woman in politics is an even bigger problem as people scrutinize your every move. This is the case of Maria Elena Boschi, the Italian minister for Constitutional reforms.. a law graduate that was born in 1981. She is so beautiful that she could be mistaken for a Model. A photo of her bending down exposing
her panties to the entire word is currently trending as different people are giving their opinions wondering why a minister would not only disgrace herself in front of the entire world, but also disgrace her country.   Well the truth of the matter is, Maria Elena Boschi did not expose herself. The photo that is trending is a clever photo-shop, where the mischief maker lowered her blue trouser and created a panties (thong) that  made it look like she left home without dressing up properly. Here we present to you the Real Photo. Hoping those that have shared the fake photo-shopped Picture will also share this real one              

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