Monday, January 30, 2012

Serena Williams Hot New Bikini (More Pics Inside)

Well this is not new to us anymore because we have all seen Serena Williams in so many different skimpy dresses and Bikinis that we have lost count, of cause it's part of her trade as a tennis player to put on skimpy clothes and when she is not on the tennis court we sometimes find her on the beach having fun knowing fully well that paparazzis  would be everywhere training their lenses on her Bootylicious figure
On these latest photos Serena's figure has grown more thicker and her booty is not slowing down either. It seems like the booty has a mind of it's own to grow more than the rest of her body. Well this is definitely an Eye Candy for the fans of Serena Williams and definitely all the Big Booty lovers.. lol.   Enjoy more pics below



  1. even though she looks old, she's still sexy.Good job...entertainment news

  2. she fuck up 2 have opn all this gift outside


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