Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nicki Minaj VS Janet Jackson (B00BS Exposure!!)

This is actually not about which of them is a better singer or which of them is more popular, but rather about the so called Celebrities Wardrobe Malfunction we see and hear about many times. We can still remember vividly the big uproar that followed Janet Jackson's b00bs episode and before you know it we see more of it every now and then.                                          
Though Rihanna doesn't really have anything to show because her body looks like that of a teen but that is still not stopping her from exposing her goodies the slightest chance she gets, so we are not going to duel on that for now but more on Janet Jackson and Nicki Minaj. Does anybody truly believe these Wardrobe Malfunctions are not staged? The STUD on Janet's boobs is sort of telling a different story, like she wanted the world to see it, or what was the purpose of the Stud since she already had a bra covering her goodies?  Anybody also believe that Nicki Minaj  didn't know that her goodies would pop out of the bra she is putting on?  Well maybe this is the only way they could expose some flesh and gain crazy publicity without offending the more conservative people who knows..


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