Thursday, October 6, 2011

Extreme Affection in Public (More Pics Inside!)

Some of you might have seen the photo of this  man kissing the boobs of a girl  in public like his life depends on it. But what a whole lot of  people have not seen is
this particular picture of a Nigerian girl kissing another Nigerian girls Boobs. The girl whoes Boobs is been kissed is no other person than the upcoming artist "Xrisabi Dondada" Same person we did an article on (Nigerian Celebrity Nude on Facebook:  http://naijajoint.blogspot.com/2011/09/naija-girl-nude-on-facebook-more-pics.html)  She is also the same person Kissing the girl below. This article here is not about anybody's sexual orientation but rather about this new trend of  kissing boobs in public.
What is the reason behind it?  And the most pressing question is this.. Is Nigeria, Ghana or Africa in general ready for this type of sexual revolution? ...because it's not like you see these types of public display of affection everyday in America or Europe. While trying to express  sexual freedom,  Africans should tone it down a bit  because the continent is truly not ready or equipped for these types of Sexual revolution that is about to

1 comment:

  1. I think it's just notoriety, plain and simple. People like to push the envelope in a repressed society such as ours. Just don't pay any attention and they will fade away into the night.

    If they really want to be notorious, I can tell them how.


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