Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nigerian Celebrity post Private Photos on Facebook (More Photos Inside!)

 Her name is
 Xrisabi Dondada, at least that is what she wrote on her Facebook profile, which is fine with me. Her artist name is sort of unique and different, but what surprised a lot of people was actually seeing her nude photos on Facebook and some were more surprised that she is a Nigerian
Curious to know why she enjoys showing her Private photos to the world because many Nigerians especially ladies still love for people to see them as being proper, especially in public.Then Bingo! found out she is an Artist... Actually a "Dance-hall Artist",  Maybe I am among the few people that doesn't know Xrisabi Dondada, or maybe like me a whole lot of people don't know her as she is obviously an up coming Artist.
Maybe this is her way of gaining attention or starting a Buzz about herself. And to those that might know her, do you think her style is going to work in a place like Nigeria? Remember the good old days of the Jamaican Dance-hall Queen "Lady Patra" though she dresses very sexy and raunchy, but we didn't see so many photos of hers like these ones.
 Finally, will these photos of hers generate enough Buzz to jump-start her career? Or it might actually end up killing it.?..heard a couple of her songs so far and they were actually nice.
                                   X-Risabi Video clip



  1. wierd thou but i hope it works for her cos this is extreme.....chizy-spyware.com

  2. I think this is the way she's chosen for her self - to so many Nigerians, it's not a descent way. We wish her all the best!

  3. @poster, you are a big lair because there is no such name in facebook database, so where did u get that name from,(Xrisabi Dondada) ?

  4. @Anonymous,
    next time show some manners when you talk, especially in public (Forums) and don't go about calling people lairs about things you have not even verified. Normally I would Ignore and just delete your comment, but I owe it to my readers to respond to your allegation. Also calling me a liar is something I take big offence in. Below is the link to Xrisabi Dondada Facebook page.


  5. I wish her the best in her Nude career

  6. Simply her "part of destiny" keep it up thou!

  7. she is not nude she just topless nude means no clothes on her body

  8. Nt gat large boobs bt temptin boobs..........lyf go soon end sha

  9. People don't just care anymore as anything goes in Nigeria now!


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