Sunday, July 3, 2011

What happend to this policeman?

I know say everybody go don do im own conclusion about this police man, especially as people no like olokpa them at all. But I have taken my time to observe this picture very well and my own conclusion is this. The police man is under the influence of shepe aka local gin mixed with roots. Big chance dey say dem never pay am im salary as ogas for Abuja don share the money, so luckily this olokpa collect small change for road as per "Anything for the boys? " so im kukuma use the money buy shepe to take cool down im temprature na for dia sleep carry am! But on the real this policeman suppose dey celebrate say no be kidnappers snap this picture because them for kidnap both him and him gun..


  1. Na Alumo Bitters this man shack..lol

  2. lololol

    @anonymous, *thumbs up!*


  3. Na Dogo (Dogoyaro) this police take wash mouth

  4. Na brukutu na dis man shack


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