Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Devil is a Nigerian

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard about the gruesome killing of  Titilayo Oyakhire is that
 the accused must quickly take the police to the Devil's home to be arrested. I hope nobody go blame me for this because it looks like the Devil is a Nigerian, and I sure say the guy get house for Naija too so police must arrest the Devil as an acomplice to the barbaric killing of  this young lady

 I hope the police go do their duty sharp! sharp! and arrest the Devil so that he would no longer be blamed for anything and everything in Naija. But na when Mr Akolade no go fit show or produce the address of the Devil, na then real yawa go gas. As e be say for Nigeria today, person wey no brush im teeth go blame the Devil for having a smelling mouth. Babes dey Abuja dey do runs so tay she fail her exams, she say na Devil cause am. Guy take gun go rob and dem catch am, he say na Devil cause am. Pastor abuse little kids and dem catch am, he say na Devil cause am. As e come be say this guy called Devil dey so popular that is why this Mr Akolade Arowolo also get the audacity to blame am for killing his innocent wife. So I dey speak out as a Naija say make the Inspector general of police do im job and ask his men to carry out  a full raid on the house of the Devil wey dey cause all the kasala for naija and arrest him, but Mr Akolade Lukeman Arowolo must be on hand to show them the house of the Devil, failling to do so, he should face the full wrath of the law.


  1. abi ooo, my brother???..devil ni, esun ko?.. mschew!

  2. This is too sad and we must stop blaming the Devil for everything and take responsibilities for our own actions


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