Thursday, July 7, 2011

Genevieve Nnaji's Daughter

I remember one very dark skin babe for Naija back in the days her name na Idowu and lots of guys like her no be small as per say she fine too much. Years later I come see her for Abroad, only this time Idowu don turn to pure white girl, and I dont mean she bleached her skin or anything like that I am talking of a real oyinbo blond girl

 I know say una go don dey think say persin don kolo because how Black Naija Idowu take turn to White Blond Idowu?  And in the name of President Goodluck Jonathan  how this tori take concern  Genevieve and her daughter? Well as una all know, not so long ago this picture of Genevieve and her daughter appear online and everybody went gaga like the lady herself. Meself been no sabi say people wan see Genny's daughter so bad. Na so different comments dey run left right and middle. Of cause some of that na praise and the others yabbies. Like some westerners wey sabi swallow any gabbage wey junk Tabloid give them nobody even pause to ask wiah the photo come from self or if this na really Genny's daughter. But then why dem go ask, abi snake dey born goat? Or lizard dey born elephant? The girl in the picture is almost a cabon copy of Genevieve Nnaji, which shows that just like the White Blond Idowu each and everyone of us have a copy somewhere.

Meself don see my Mum's copy, and the day I saw her na so my mouth drop open, and when my mum eventually saw her, she too was surprise. By the way it has since been established even by the girl herself that she is not related to Genevieve. SO MY PEOPLE, IF YOU JAM YA OWN COPY, HOW YOU GO REACT ?


  1. LMAO.. I was wondering how you were going to tie Idowu+ white girl+ Genny. hahahhaha, well written, you are hilarious. I am already a fan, now following :)

  2. Bia ya food dey appear for ma dream o! U too much sha!

    lol@ Idowu + White girl

  3. U don come again. Oyinbo double??? mmmm

    Well, if I jam my copy .....i depend whether na day or night.

    If na daytime, we go salute and yarn small.

    But if na night......walahai....my broda, I tear race - becos as a true Naija babe (wey grow for Benin), I go believe say 'dem' (winchy people) don send ghost come meet me. LOL

  4. see mama and pikin don be mate oo..men i fit take on d two of dem


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