Saturday, July 9, 2011

Domestic Violence

No to today husband and wife, boyfriend and girl friend start to dey fight. The thing don start before Oduduwa time, but na when the thing don move from slap, blow, bite to killing Nigerians come dey wake up. Some people just take am as part of life say it's normal untill that suma-binch stab that poor girl to death na him people start to dey discuss am. But on the real a Guy that beats his wife or girlfriend is the weakest man alive and there is no excuse on God's planet for that. Yeah I have head all the reasons in the world,  "You dont know my wife, you dont know my girlfriend and all the blah! blah! and unripe plantains that follows"

So because you cant take it, then you had to resolve to violence? Truth is men only do this because they know they are stronger and can beat the ladies in question. My question be say, if your wife or girlfriend strong like Mike Tyson, you sure say you no go find another option even if she provokes you?  Of cause you wont dare hit her because she will beat the hell out of you and you wont step outside for fear of being laughed at by your peers.

Now to all my Naija, African, inshort women all over the world here is an advice that might save your life, So please take this very seriously. Invest in yourself!  Take "Karate lessons"  It might save your life someday because it normally starts from little slaps and gradually graduates to killing. Especially for women in Naija, cos Nigeria is a copycat society, we sabi copy bad thing no be small and before you know it you will be reading about a guy that kills his wife or girlfriend everyday in the news papers.  So take my advice serious because once a man knows you can defend yourself, he will think twice before hitting you. He will finally choose dialogue. For those wey dey Naija, hook up with "Natty Bruce" he is the same guy that gave Genevieve Nnaji and others lessons for the movie 30 Days. He is very known in Nollywood, ask anybody for "Natty Bruce"and I am sure he doesnt charge so much. I no wan hear say another lady loose her life o! And if your boyfriend slap you, just leave am at once no matter how much im beg unless he go for therapy. Dont allow his promise of taking you to Tantalizer, Mr Bigs or buying you the latest Blackberry make you go back to him o! I sabi say una Naija girls like Blackberry pass una mama, but your life is more important trust me. A word is enough for the???? Oya finish the sentence.

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