Sunday, July 17, 2011

Genevieve Nnaji VS Solange

Na so people no let persin hia word again o! Come see as dem dey scream with happiness "Genevieve attended a party with Solange!  Genevieve attended a party with Solange!" I am like So - who?
 "Solange o!" they kept telling me with excitement. Before I come bite somebody for nose, apart from being the baby sister of Beyounce can somebody tell me what this Solange is famous for? Abeg na she suppose to dey happy say Genevieve attend party with her and not the other way round. Genevieve is an African Icon that is known beyound the shores of Africa so make nobody try put her down wif this type of lame gist abeg.


  1. Yes now,

    who be Solange compared to Gen? See , I'm Sierra Leonean and every african girl dream go be say to step in Gen's heels. We african people forget most times

  2. You be real son of your mama. In short, if any pesin say you talk lie, d pesin no go chop meat again!
    God bless you

    Dis kin ting dey vex me. Just becos pesin na from Akata or Jand, our people go dey look am like beta pesin *mshewwww* Inferiority complex too much

    Solange ko, Suya ni

  3. @ NIL
    you too much jare! You always dey come correct my dear. I like you die cos nothing do you at all!

    Na true you talk my persin! Who be Solange wiah Genny Dey?


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