Monday, September 1, 2014


The ongoing Saga between Pastor Chris Oyakhilomen and his Wife Pastor Anita has been having it's side effect for sometime now as you have those supporting Pastor Chris and those supporting his wife Pastor Anita. Below is an emotional  piece written by a former member of the Church

Bidi : I won't lie that Christ Embassy was not one place I loved; indeed they caught us young and it was delicious and I will do it again if I have to. But the truth of the matter is that they couldn't keep us even though we came in our numbers, young people simply came the way they are in thirst and hunger and the word of God was sweet and hot and we loved it. We drank like the deer panting for water. And it was sweet. But yet again we left, they couldn't keep us. Those 'soon to be' lawyers, doctors, engineers... have now become, but no longer there because they couldn't really change us. All the excesses we came with was still there. We still struggle with intense lust and unhealthy competition. 

Did I mention that there was never a service day that passes that we were never call upon to give for ministry material, events, partnership, birthdays... they just keep coming. if u believe in the ministry and the vision, you most put your money to it. And you don't have a face if you don't. So we gave our pocket money, sold our stuffs, borrowed and even gave our school fees. Yeah... " all we know is a life of giving. there's no difference in our mist". And we didn't mind. What we do mind is that, they couldn't really change us. They only changed us to their advantage. I won't deny that I also use the word of God to my advantage and still do. That was the rot that stuck even after I left. But then, I can tell the truth YOU CANNOT LOVE YOUR FLESH SO MUCH AND SAY YOU ARE FUL OF GOD'S SPIRIT . Oh how I which they could take away those excesses from Believers love world; then it would been the best that I have been and God will be very pleased.

Source: Where is Pastor Anita (Facebook Page)

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