Saturday, August 30, 2014

See Why Some Nigerians Are Angry About President Jonathan's new national e-ID card

On the 28th of August Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan launched the new national e-ID card at the Villa in Abuja. The new e-ID card which is powered by MasterCard is a multi-purpose card for
identification, electronic signatures, and can be used for depositing money, withdrawing and making payments. So it's both ATM and ID.

But some Nigerians are not only angry but shocked at this development asking if the Nigerian security Authority actually signed off on this development. The problem here is not the National ID card itself which is a laudable achievement, but what people are worried about is the government allowing a Private Foreign Company "MASTER CARD" be tied to a sensitive issue like people's Identity

People are very worried and amazed that the government can allow a Foreign commercial Company (Master Card) have access to such Sensitive data, like details of Nigerians' ID card scheme as they argue that there is a big security risk there.  Others argued that combining finance and National Identity in this way leaves Nigerians vulnerable to their identity details being harvested by authorities in the West, stored on some database and then used to solve some of their own domestic problems like crime and immigration

The first phase of the project will see 13million Nigerians issued the card while the next phase will target 100million Nigerians. The project is a partnership with MasterCard, the Nigerian National Identity Management Commission and Access bank.  This outrage is by no means a Criticism on the National ID Scheme which so many see as a Laudable development, what many are against is tying it to Matercard and allow a Foreign Private Company acces to Sensitive details of Nigerians. So what's your Take on this? Lets here your opinion

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