Saturday, August 30, 2014

Guess Which Celebrity's Husband Gave Her This Beautiful Birthday Cake

While some men don't even remember their wife's birthday others cant wait to shower their wives with love on their special day. You can imagine the Joy of
Caroline Ekanem Damjuma  when she received this Cake from her Husband Musa Danjuma.. not just the Cake itself, but the loving words written on it "Happy Birthday to my DARLING wife" ....that word "Darling" has left a lot of Marriages as couples just go along with the flow.
Caroline on the other hand seems to be enjoying every bit of her marriage. Yes we are talking about the same Caroline that you use to see on the set of Chico Ejiro's movies.. The young Nollywood actress that captured the hearts of many with her stunning beauty, today that same Caroline is a Married Lady with Children and she seems to be enjoying everything Married life has to offer.

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