Monday, May 5, 2014

Sexy and Sleazy, a Very Thin Line To Balance

In this day and age when about any and everything revolves around sex. . it makes people wonder whether the pressure of being sexy and looking sexy is rather very heavy on the female folks. You see a supposedly Pastor's wife
all dressed up with her Cleavage hanging out, of cause she will be very quick to say you not supposed to judge her appearance but her heart.  Some of the congregation are not left out as you see ladies dressed with such such skimpy clothes that they spend the whole time pulling it down when walking. By the way we actually saw a TV advert where sex was used in promoting Chocolates

Then there are those that takes it to the extreme when they go out, but these ones also believe there is actually nothing wrong with their dressing after all they are only trying to look sexy. Still, many wonder about the types of messages these ladies are sending out dressed like these. Whatever the reasons are for people to dress in such ways, we strongly believe that there is a very Thin line between Sexy and Trashy, and people must learn how to balance it

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