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Susan Chanel Skin Beauty Skin Line (Photos)

Susan Chanel Skin Beauty Line was initiated as a means to an end for African Women Skin Disorder. The average African skin is posed to different disorders and imperfection due to the nature of our weather, poor diet, poor skin care routine and the quest for perfection with the wrong
skin product containing harsh chemicals that causes damage to the skin.

Susan is a graduate of psychology from the prestigious University of Lagos, her quest and passion for the beauty and well being prompted her to start her skin care line, to restore confidence and beauty in African women. Continue...

At Susan Chanel Skin care we are not only interested in making African Women beautiful, we are here to restore the confidence and pride in African women. As we all know the skin is the largest and most fragile organ of the body and should be treated with so much care and attention. A beautiful, glowing and flawless skin is the true beauty of a lady.

At Susan Chanel we stock all range of Feminine Beauty wellbeing, for that beautiful skin you truly desire and wish for and repair and restoration of damaged skin. Our entire Product at Susan Chanel Beauty Home is 100% HERBAL, Yes!!! We Repeat 100% HERBAL, No side effects, allergies, reactions, sun burn, stretch marks, dark knuckles, etc. Our Products range from, Body Oils, Sea Salt Scrubs, Body Lotions, Herbal Bar soap, Liquid soaps, Facial Cleansers, Massage Sponges, Anti ageing product, Acne Treatment package, Face Masks etc. Asides the Skin we also stock herbal Teas and Capsules for feminine well being and Wholeness. These herbal Teas and Capsules are 100% Herbal, made from pure roots.

The Active Ingredients in our Skin care line are, Kojic Acid, Glutathione, Giga white, Carrot oil, lavender, lemon grass, herbal blends, spices, sea weeds and other natural skin treatment vitamins. At Susan Chanel Skin Care Home Getting Result from Our Clients gives us so Much Joy and Happiness.
Here is a list of our product and their functions.

Whitening Herbal Dead Sea salt Scrub: Every skin care routine begins with exfoliation, without exfoliation skin care products will not be able to perform effectively. Exfoliation rid dead skin cells, opens up new skin cells, gives the skin a healthy glow and paves way for fresh new cells to regenerate and leaves the skin feeling fresh and velvety smooth. The active components of our Dead sea salt scrub is lavender, rosemary, orange peels, figs, lemons, lemon grass, herbal blends, spices and sea weed. Try our DeadSea Salt Scrub today and we will be glad to receive your testimony.

Herbal Treatment Lightening Bar Soap: After the skin has been well exfoliated to reveal new skin cells, the next line is using treatment soap. Our herbal treatment soap cleans the skin thoroughly, brightens the complexion, and clears stretch marks YES!!! Clears stretch marks, fades face and body spots, clears black in between thighs, black armpits, eliminates the appearance of pimples and acne, rashes, eczema and evens out skin discolorations.

Liquid Milk Treatment Shower Gel with Kojic Acid.: This is a skin lightening soap for ladies with sunspots, freckles, and other forms of pigmentation on the face and body, this treatment soap work primarily as a deep exfoliating treatment. The papaya and enzymes in contained in Kojic Acid soap helps to break down the top layer of the skin cell and peel away damaged skin, revealing the fresh and healthy skin cells underneath. This soap can be used as regular bath soap all over the body. Using Kojic soap on a regular basis helps reduce the appearance of age spots, eliminates freckles and skin discolorations caused by pregnancy and strengthen the skin cell activity. 

Talking Body Oil: The Talking oil is natural fairness oil that makes your skin glow. This magical oil leaves the skin smooth, soft, clear, evens the complexion and gives your skin that Healthy Glow without Stretch marks, dark knuckles, sun burns and dark eye circle. It also contains a screen to prevent the skin form the damage caused by harmful sunrays.

Stretch Marks Cream: Unbelievable But TRUE!!! The solutions to those ugly and annoying stretch marks on the Breasts, Butts, Arms, Tummy, Back of the Legs, Hips is finally here. Gain your confidence back ladies by getting rid of those Stretch marks today. A trial of our stretch marks cream will convince you today. We will be gladly waiting to receive your testimonies.

Facial Cleanser: Our facial cleanser fights against oily skin, acnes, pimples, white heads, black heads, patches on the faces, fades out acne scars, fine lines, premature ageing and wrinkles and improves skin tones thereby restoring radiance on the face, neck and shoulders.

Philippine and Spanish Oil: These oils are super fast acting skin lightening oils, that helps restore a clearer and more radiant even tone complexion while soothing out dry skin. These oils penetrate into the skin to start working instantly to nourish and glow the skin in less then a week of usage.

Acne and Pimples Face Cream: This 8 in 1 concentrated formula Face Cream is specially formulated to clear and eliminate the reoccurrence of acne, pimples, freckles, whiteheads, black heads, pimples, fine lines and acne scars caused by past breakouts. It also helps in evening out that stubborn discolorations and spots on the face.

Baby Look Cream: This product is a lightening skin care with carrot oil extract, usage of this cream reveals a soft, fresh, emollient , supple and glowing skin like that of a new born child. Our products at Susan Chanel Beauty Home speak for themselves. We don’t need to talk too much about them, as clich√© as it sounds A Trial Will Convince You!

Half Caste Cream: This product is specially formulated to brighten and clear the complexion. The half cast cream brings out the glow on the skin that has been damaged by harsh weather conditions, poor skin care routine and the usage of harsh chemicals. It evens out the skin tones thus revealing a clearer, brighter and smoother and radiant skin.

Knuckle Oil:  The knuckle oil is specially formulated to clear the damage of the skin caused by harsh products. It clears dark knuckles, Dark knees, dark elbows and dark toes. It heals the damaged caused by product caused by harsh chemical in skin care product. This product restores confidence and beauty to the skin.

Sun Burn Cream: The sun burn cream is formulated to rid damage on the skin caused by harsh weather condition this product restores caused damage caused by the harmful sunlight rays. It clears sun burns, dark spots, freckles and imperfection on the face, skin, neck and shoulders.

Make Me White Cream and Oil: This magical cream and oil is the ultimate product for that velvety smooth skin, bright cream, satin and glowing skin. It restores shine and luster to the skin, this product perfects imperfections on the skin, from the face to the feet and evens outs skin tone for that beautiful and healthy look you desire. You can contact us on susanchanel90@gmail.com, +2348029557281. Our Beauty House is located in the heart of Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. Instagram @susanchanel, to view testimonies’ from our new and existing clients.

Susan Chanel Beauty Skin Beauty skin Line All About Fresh Glowing Skin!!!

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