Monday, March 24, 2014

Kim Kardshians Mum "Kris Jenner's" Hot Bikini Photo

It seems this lady (Kris Jenner) Kim Kardashian's Mum just loves outshining her Daughters with such a hot Body banging body at age
58.Welcome to your nightmare, ladies and gentlemen -- you know it well. It's the one where you're sitting in front of the television, watching trashy reality shows and stuffing your face with trans fats and fizzy drinks, only to roll out from under the greasy TV tray to check email ... and accidentally seeing this picture of Kris Jenner lounging by the pool like she's 22 years old and not even at all close to her real age, 58. So sorry you had to see that, friends. Kris Jenner's body is so banging hot that young ladies have to think twice before seating close to her as it is very obvious she will outshine them. No wonder her daughter Khole was complains that she is shining and getting all the attention. Well she's got the body, so why not? 

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