Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Girls without underwear!! (Caution: Pics Inside)

After doing the first article on this subject (Ladies Exposing their Privates) We are still trying to find out the reason for this trend, why grown up ladies would leave their homes without putting on any undies. Apart from that, it is also very unhygienic as Ladies could be infected with bacterias if they sit on dirty places. We don't think this has to do with Fashion or any thing like that, and if anything at all, going out (Clubs, visiting guys etc)  without underwear might send
a wrong signal to a guy that the girl might want to sleep with him when that is far from her mind and this can lead to unfortunate incidents.
 Please understand that we not dictating how grown ups should dress when they leave their homes because at the end it is a girls' right whether to leave home with or without her underwear. All we saying is, this trend that seems to be getting popular everyday has some negative sides effect that ladies should be aware  of ...

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