Monday, March 17, 2014

Chico Ejiro's "When Dreams Fall Apart" Unites Nollywood (Photos)

Proudly called Mr Prolific, Chico Ejiro is known for breaking new grounds in whatever he does, having given start to many of the Nollywood mega stars we have all come to love. Last Saturday the 9th of March, Chico Ejiro premiered his brand new movie titled "When Dreams Fall Apart" starring Uche Jumbo, Emmanuel V Mensah and Vincent Opurum. The movie dealt with the issue of Rape and Child Trafficking, this particular premiere was different from many others as it saw Nollywood Heavy weights turning up en-mass to support a man they have all come to love. Some of the stars at the event includes

Emem Isong, Susan Peters, Chidi Mokeme, Uche Jumbo, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Zeb Ejiro, Emeka Osai, Fred Amata, Tricia Esiegbe, Fidelis Dukker, Comedian Julius Agu, Charles Novia, Lancelot Imasuen, Monalisa Chinda, Sam Boye and so many more.. but what some people might call the surprise of the day was the presence of one of Nollywood's favorite actors Mr Saint Obi... who seems to be missing in action for a very long time. Of cause Joy Chico Ejiro the wife of Mr Chico Ejiro was on hand to help her husband make it a very outstanding and enjoyable event. Once again Chico Ejiro has proven he is one of the very few in the Nollywood that can gather and unite Nollywood top stars under one roof, as it is a known fact that sometimes some Nollywood stars don't even turn up at premieres of movies they starred in (Whatever that means...)  "When Dreams fall apart" is currently showing in cinemas nationwide and will eventually be released on DVD in the near future.  Make time out to go see this movie, as it deals with a very crucial issue (Rape and Child Trafficking) in the country

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  1. Beautiful!! Nollywood has come of age. Congrats Mr Chico Ejiro!


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