Sunday, March 30, 2014

And There Was Darkness (Dedicated to Zara Margaret-Mary Joseph)

Many years before the birth of Facebook, she already made her presence felt on the popular Forum Naijaryders. What you cant miss is her vibrant personality. She lighted up the Nigerian music Industry with her own brand of music, warming fans and critics alike to her. Then Sickness struck! And a call for Help to fight this illness, both friends and fans responded. A very difficult type of sickness, yet she did not bow down. Holding on to her faith, she updated us through videos, tweets, facebook. AND THERE WAS DARKNESS! The beautiful soul known as Zara Margaret-Mary Joseph has Slept! She lost
the battle to Multiple Sclerosis. (MS, a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord) May God almighty embrace her as she enters his supreme realm. I want to use this opportunity to thank everybody that Donated when I wrote about her illness , Zara was indeed grateful for your kindness.. I also pray that God consoles her family, friends and fans for this great loss.

Who knows the Mysteries of our world and universe? Where did Light come from? Who made the whirlwind? Are there beings inside the Sun? What is the Color of Wind? Does the Rainbow have a sleeping place? At what Times does the Ocean receives it's Commands to Roar in all its glory? Why do the Young ones "SLEEP" early while the Ancient ones stay "AWAKE" like forever? TEARS IN HEAVEN must also be one of the many mysteries we may never understand, but the earth itself feels it when a beautiful Soul Pass. Sleep well Dear Zara Margaret-Mary Joseph.

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