Tuesday, July 2, 2013

OJB responds to Juliet Ibrahim's query on raising $100k for kidney transplant

Last week, Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim posted a message on her instagram page
saying kidney transplant does not cost more than $50k and wondered why people
raising funds for OJB were requesting for $100, 000. Well, OJB has responded to that
The ailing music producer and singer told Encomium mag...
"The mistake she's making is that it depends on the hospital you are going 
to in India. She says she runs a foundation, they might give her a rebate. 
The procedure itself is $55, 000. When you take out $55, 000, you are 
left with $45, 000. What about the running cost of the procedure? You 
don't go to India only to come back and start asking for help again. 
At least, I need some money to maintain myself for the next one year. 
So when you factor in all these costs, add air tickets and lodging, you 
will appreciate what we are talking about.

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