Saturday, August 13, 2011

Talking Photos of Celebrities Beyonce and Tyra Banks

Innovative Modelling
As humans, sometimes I wonder how far we go to be creative and captivate our audience. I once saw a video clip of a guy's head stuck inside a Lion's jaw during a show, while the extras while were doing their utmost best to get his head out of the Lion's mouth But how did his head got stuck in the first place, that is the real question begging for an answer here..

                                                 Whats on a Man's Mind
The average man undresses a lady with his eyes almost everyday, trying to figure out so many things.But I am guessing most of their imaginations might never be correct. Some men might Imagine a lady putting on thong, while she is actually putting on a female's boxers. They might imagine she is "D Cup" while she is actually flat chested. The pure magic of wonder bra's I guess ..lol

The Gold Costume
Sometimes we do wonder if costumes were the way they were intended to be, like the time Justine Timbalake tore off Janet Jackson's costume (Bra)..lol  That was quiet something though, but what if you were stuck in one? Especially during a show or concert.You have only one option then, you have only one option and that is to stand still and sting, striking different poses hoping your audience would be too busy enjoying the show to notice 

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