Monday, August 8, 2011

Karen Igho as a Role Model

Right from the very first day she made her debut on Big Brother Amplified
Nigerians rejected and criticized her with a loud voice. People called her all sort of names, wild, uncultured, bitchy and any other negative word they could find. As if that was not enough, people went futher to dig up nude (modeling) pictures of her. Most people just wanted her thrown out of the house so she would stop disgracing our dear Naija. But the girl Karen just wanted the world to have a peek inside her heart and find out the true person behind the tattooed body and plastic breast. Despite her troubled and abusive life, Karen was not one to give up so easily, she kept on pushing while staying true to herself. And it was that "staying true to herself' that endeared her to all. Not just Nigerians and the rest of Africa, but to people in other continents. At the end of 91 days, Karen won (along with the guy Wendel). Karen did not only win $200,000 but also won the hearts of millions of people who looked passed her outward appearance to see the real person inside. Very often we judge people based on the very little we know about them, never having the patience to really get to know them, maybe we should all learn from this "Never to judge a book by it's cover". The same Karen that was called all sorts of name, the same Karen that was rejected by her own even before the show began, is now celebrated all over Africa, with a Nigerian Minister using her as an example to show the resilient of the Nigerian youths, never giving up in trying times.

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