Saturday, August 6, 2011

Black Spider Man!

If you are a comic fan, then this will amaze you. They have created the very first BLACK SPIDER MAN or to put it more correctly the new Spider Man is Bi-racial and this is causing a huge controversy over
the web. Everyone and their mama have their own opinion but the truth is the Original Spider Man (Peter Parker) is not dead, this new Black Spider man is in another universe far from where Marvel comics Peter Parker lives. So fans of Peter Parker the white Spider man need not fear that their hero is been replaced by a half black and half Latino Spider Man. But with the controversy and outrage still going on, I guess this background info has no bearing on the fans. Even blacks that loves Spider man find this new one in bad taste so did the makers goof in trying to change or give a twist to an existing Brand?  Read more about it from the Link Below


  1. I don't even know what to think of this.

  2. lol @ 9jaFOODie
    That's the United States for you! A mixed and very race conscious society.

  3. These people no get work
    Black, bi-racial, Asian, Chinese.......e no matter.

    If dem want better spider man make dem follow me go my village wey 100 year old woman dey fly for broad day light as witch.


  4. @NIL
    At 100yrs dem never still retire? Na im be say those PILOTS for your village dey work over time o! ..lol


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