Friday, July 29, 2011

Soulja Boy's $55 Million Gift (Is this necessary? )

For his 21st birthday Thursday, the Atlanta rapper bought himself a $35 million dollar private jet, a rep from his management team reportedly told TMZ.Most young adults would be content celebrating their 21st birthday with a trip to Las Vegas, but rap superstar Soulja Boy had a grander idea.But apparently, the G5 jet needed some "Pretty Boy Swag" upgrades. According to reports, Soulja will be spending an additional $20 million dollars to add flat screen TVs, 4 liquor bars, a dozen Italian leather seats, Brazilian hardwood cabinets, and travertine tiled flooring.
A spokesperson for Soulja Boy had not responded to our request to confirm the jet purchase by press time.The restroom will be remolded and enlarged, and the aircraft will get a new custom paint job featuring his logo.On Friday, the "Crank That" rapper, will host a birthday extravaganza in Miami believed to cost $300,000. Sean Kingston, Bow Wow, and Dwight Howard are expected to attend. The event will be streamed live from SouljaBoyBirthdayBash.com at 11 p.m. eastern. In April, Soulja Boy told Hip Hop Media Training that he was planning to team up with MTV for a Las Vegas-based bash. "MTV [is going to] be doing my birthday party. It's going to be in Vegas. I'm going to be in Vegas," Soulja Boy said. "MTV is going to be doing it just like I did my swag eighteenth party. I don't know. It's going to be my first time being 21. So I'm just gonna do me."

Stories like these just robs me off the wrong way. It is his hard earned money quiet alright, but should a 21 yr old be buying Jet? Is this ghetto fabulous or what? Does these guy even have parents or legal guardian?  So many artist especially blacks started off this way and eventually ended up being broke at the end of their carrier so why is anybody not learning anything? What on earth could he possibly need a jet for at 21? Any Idea somebody?


  1. 9ja Foodie talk am

    A fool and his money will always be easily parted.

    This is a good example of why illiteracy, stupidity and wealth should never mix.

  2. @NIL
    as much as illiteracy and stupidity might come to play here, what about maturity I mean age-wise? At 21 what does the boy really know? That is why I am asking if he have parents or legal guardians

  3. @Breeze
    I hear you bo.

    BUT, the truth be say in most cases, when small pickin don start to feed im papa and mama.......d papa and mama go become the pickin.

    Na so i see am


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