Sunday, July 24, 2011

Linda Ikeji is Mutilated!

Popular blogger Linda Ikeji's recent disclosure that her private part was mutilated is been applauded by many for being bold enough to talk about this hateful crime against women in the African society. The topic's more than 300comments shows that this is something in the hearts of many, something that must be discussed in the open and totally banned by the government of countries in Africa. While Linda used the
word Circumcised, we choose to use Mutilated because there is truly no such thing as Female Circumcision. The first time we heard of circumcision was when God commanded that male children should be circumcised, there was no mention of female as females truly don't have foreskin. But as in most things with humans the tendency to over-do things led to the mutilating of private parts of female children thereby depriving them of sexual pleasures. This is not just wickedness but crime against women, men enjoys sex, but you don't want women to because to some, women have  no right to enjoy it. Everybody should jon hands in condemning this crime and ask their government to ban it at once and punish anybody that breaks the law with at least 10yrs in jail.

This brings us to the physical and psychological effects of female mutilation. As pointed out by Linda on her blog, she has no feelings when making love, now this is truly sad because a lot of women are living their lives  like this. So which way forward for such women? We advice that women should take charge, explore their bodies and find out the sensitive  parts and how they can beging to enjoy this beautiful and natural thing People should discuss more about this and share tips with Multilated sisters among us

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  1. I'm of the opinion that act should be banned.


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